2019 Kenneth & Gloria Copeland Daily Devotional

Let God Do It His Way

by Kenneth Copeland

Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored, and you shall be clean. But Naaman was angry….

2 Kings 5:10-11, The Amplified Bible

ith a blast of His power. When He doesn’t, we let our faith drop and foul up what He had actually planned to do.

That’s what Naaman did. He went to Elisha expecting to be healed in a particular way. When it didn’t happen that way, the Bible says, he went away in a rage.

What Elisha told him to do was simple. Dip seven times in the Jordan. Naaman could do that. But it didn’t fit his idea of how his healing should take place. He thought Elisha would heal him by waving his hands around and calling on the Name of the Lord.

Naaman stormed away and he would have missed out on his healing if one of his servants hadn’t talked him into giving Elisha’s instructions a try.

I used to be like that. I wanted spectacular experiences from God so badly I was missing out on the experiences God had planned for me. Once I realized that, I quit looking for feelings and spectacular manifestations and just started expecting God to keep His Word.

I remember I went to a meeting one night with my ankle messed up terribly. The pain was so severe it went from my foot all the way up to my shoulder blades. But I went into that meeting expecting God to heal me.

During the praise service, I ignored the pain in my foot and just sang and worshiped with everyone else. When the preaching started, I got my Bible and got involved in the Word. Sure enough, sometime during that service I was healed. I don’t know when it was. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t see any sparklers go off. I didn’t even realize I’d been healed until after the service. I got about halfway to the door and thought, Glory to God, my foot’s well!

Don’t let your own ideas of how God’s going to work rob you of your healing or your deliverance or your prosperity. Just trust Him and let Him do things His way. He will work mightily in you.

Scripture Reading:

2 Kings 5:1-14

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Joel and Victoria Osteen Daily Devotional and Quotes

God has placed within you everything you need for success in this life—seeds of strength, joy, peace and vision for a bright future. Receive and embrace this truth so you can push past your fears and move into your destiny with confidence.


You may be in a valley right now, fighting a battle. God knows how to turn that battlefield into your blessing field. Don’t complain about the valley; there’s a blessing in that valley. It wasn’t sent to harm you, it was sent to increase you.


Be productive right where you are. Develop what God has given you, even if it’s small. When you show God increase, God will increase you more. He invests the most in people who are productive, in people who are taking steps to move forward.


The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard if he didn’t know something amazing was in front of you. It’s not too late to accomplish your dreams. Don’t get discouraged and settle—the best part of your life is still up ahead.


Declare today, “God is still on the throne. His plans for me are for good, and at any moment, things could change in my favor.” When you live with that expectancy, that’s what allows God to do great things in your life.


Sometimes what we think is an ordinary decision, no big deal, is really a defining moment. When you’re in a situation where you’re tempted to compromise, remember, the decisions you make in those tough times are going impact your destiny.


Ephesians says, “God can do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what we think.” Why don’t you take the limits off of God? You may not see a way, but God has a way. We think ordinary; God thinks extraordinary.


Get focused. Be intentional. Don’t waste another year making excuses. Stay passionate about your dreams. Get out of your comfort zone and take steps of faith. If you’ll use well what God has given you, He is going to increase you with more.


You may have been through disappointments, but this is a new day. Your greatest victories are still in your future. Get a fresh, new vision of victory for your life, and one day instead of just having a dream, your vision will become reality.

Don’t fall into the trap of taking care of you last. That’s not balance, and it’s not healthy. You are important, so take care of yourself so you can give your best to others from a full heart.

The Law of Attraction & The Secret Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.

We should take care of our behaviour first, whether we are honest and kind or deceitful and cruel. We should walk uprightly and work righteousness and speak the truth in our hearts and have honest relationship with friends or other people. We must develop a godly character by studying God’s Word learning to hate falsehood and love integrity. May God help us to have integrity in all we say. And do so that we can gain respect and help others to be upright as well.

Creflo Dollar Daily Devotional : First Fruit Offering, Bible Reading Plan

creflo dollar sermon on faith

Creflo Dollar Ministries Daily Devotionals

And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on, so that I come again to my father’s house in peace, and Jehovah will be my God, then this stone, which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God’s house. And of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee.

The tithing lifestyle of Jacob was the foundation for his supernatural prosperity. Genesis 30:25-43

As a tither here is what you must do before your tithe.


I have brought away the hallowed things of my house, the tenth of all my increase, and I

creflo dollar ministries archives

present my tithes to my High Nest, Jesus Christ, who was made a High Priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek. Bemuse of all that God has delivered me out of, this tithe is my love, my honor, and my gratitude to my God.

I have not transgressed Your commandment of love, neither have I forgotten it. I have hearkened to the voice of the Lord, my God, and have done according to all that Thou host commanded me to do. Look down from Thy holy habitation, from heaven, and bless my family, my church and roe. As Abraham received blessings from Melchizedek, I now receive blessings from Jesus, my High Prim, and it is so.

In Jesus Name.


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Archbishop Duncan Williams – How to War in the Spirit

Archbishop  Duncan Williams

Archbishop Duncan Williams Sermons


“If it pleases the king, let a decree be written that they be destroyed…”-Esther 3:9

We see in Esther 3:2-9 that there was a plot to exterminate the people of God by legislative decree. We must understand that the natural world is type and shadow of the spiritual world. Just as we people of God have had physical enemies throughout history, we also have had a spiritual enemy since our creation. Just as political legislation has been brought against God’s people, so it is in the realms of the spirit. This is why the Bible says Satan accuses us day and night. He is the chief prosecutor against God’s people!

– Esther 2:21-23

In it you see the favor that comes to those who reveal the hidden agendas of the wicked, as Esther exposes a plot to kill the king. It goes on to say “it was written in the book of the chronicles in the presence of the king.”

But Glory be to God, we have a defender in Christ who has never lost a case! Just as God’s people were spared in the time of Esther, so we are spared in the present. 

Let every attempt to impose demonic legislation in your life be over-ridden by the superior sacrifice of Jesus Christ, by which you are hereby acquitted!
May God use you to prophetically expose the plots of the wicked! I declare that favor will come to you as you operate with Divine knowledge and your exploits will be written in the presence of kings!


London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques

The creeping Islamization of London is almost complete, with hundreds of official sharia courts operating in the capital, and mosques opening where famous Christian churches have stood for many hundreds of years.
London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together“, according to Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, one of the Islamic preachers who now lead “Londonistan“, as the journalist Melanie Phillips has called the English capital. No, Rizvi is not a right-wing extremist.
Nobel Laureate for Literature,Wole Soyinka,  was less generous. He called the UK “a cesspit for Islamists“.
Terrorists can not stand London multiculturalism“, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan said after the deadly terror attack at Westminster last year. The opposite is true: British multiculturalists are feeding Islamic fundamentalism.
Above all, Londonistan, with its 423 new mosques, is being built on the sad ruins of English Christianity. Many iconic Christian churches in London have been converted into mosques.
Gatestone Institute reports: The Hyatt United Church was bought by the Egyptian community to be converted to a mosque. St Peter’s Church has been converted into the Madina Mosque. The Brick Lane Mosque was built on a former Methodist church. Not only buildings are converted, but also people. The number of converts to Islam has doubled; often they embrace radical Islam, as with Khalid Masood, the terrorist who struck Westminster.
The Daily Mail published photographs of a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At the Church of San Giorgio, designed to accommodate 1,230 worshipers, only 12 people gathered to celebrate Mass. At the Church of Santa Maria, there were 20.
The nearby Brune Street Estate mosque has a different problem: overcrowding. Its small room and can contain only 100. On Friday, the faithful must pour into the street to pray. Given the current trends, Christianity in England is becoming a relic, while Islam will be the religion of the future.
In Birmingham, the second-largest British city, where many jihadists live and orchestrate their attacks, an Islamic minaret dominates the sky. There are petitions to allow British mosques to call the Islamic faithful to prayer on loudspeakers three times a day.
By 2020, estimates are that the number of Muslims attending prayers will reach at least 683,000, while the number of Christians attending weekly Mass will drop to 679,000. “The new cultural landscape of English cities has arrived; the homogenised, Christian landscape of state religion is in retreat”, said Ceri Peachof Oxford University. While nearly half of British Muslims are under the age of 25, a quarter of Christians are over 65. “In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers,” said Keith Porteous Wood, director of the National Secular Society.
Since 2001, 500 London churches of all denominations have been turned into private homes. During the same period, British mosques have been proliferating. Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons who identify themselves as Anglicans fell from 21% to 17%, a decrease of 1.7 million people, while, according to a survey conducted by the respected NatCen Social Research Institute, the number of Muslims has grown by almost a million. Churchgoers are declining at a rate that within a generation, their number will be three times lower than that of Muslims who go regularly to mosque on Friday.
Demographically, Britain has been acquiring an increasingly an Islamic face, in places such as Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets. In 2015, an analysis of the most common name in England showed it was Mohammed, including spelling variations such as Muhammad and Mohammad.
Most important cities have huge Muslim populations: Manchester (15.8%), Birmingham (21.8%) and Bradford (24.7%). In Birmingham, the police just dismantled a terrorist cell; there is also a greater probability that a child will be born into a Muslim family than into a Christian one. In Bradford and Leicester, half the children are Muslim. Muslims do not need to become the majority in the UK; they just need gradually to Islamize the most important cities. The change is already taking place. “Londonistan” is not a Muslim majority nightmare; it is a cultural, demographic and religious hybrid in which Christianity declines and Islam advances.
According to Innes Bowen, writing in The Spectator, only two of the 1,700 mosques in Britain today follow the modernist interpretation of Islam, compared with 56% in the United States. The Wahhabis control six percent of mosques in the UK, while the fundamentalist Deobandi control up to 45%. According to a survey from the Knowledge Center, a third of UK Muslims do not feel “part of British culture.”
London is also full of sharia courts. There are officially 100. The advent of this parallel judicial system has been made possible thanks to the British Arbitration Act and the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution. These new courts are based on the rejection of the inviolability of human rights: the values ​​of freedom and equality that are the basis of English Common Law.
British personalities keep opening the door to introduce sharia. One of Britain’s leading judges, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences the courts and these must be multicultural — which means more Islamic. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips also suggested that British law should “incorporate” elements of sharia law. The British cultural establishment is rapidly capitulating to Islamic fundamentalists in accepting their demands.
British universities are also advancing Islamic law. The official guidelines of the university, “External speakers in higher education institutions“, published by Universities UK, provide that “orthodox religious groups” may separate men and women during events. At Queen Mary University of London, women had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being able to ask questions or raise their hands — as in Riyadh or Tehran. The Islamic Society at the London School of Economics held a gala, in which women and men were separated by a seven-meter panel.
After the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, recommended self-censorship and “some restraint” in discussing Islam. The British ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis, converted to Islam and completed the pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj. He now calls himself Haji Collis.
What will be next?

Death of T. F. Tenney, longtime United Pentecostal minister

Tribute to T. F. Tenney

I don’t have words to say what TFTenney has meant to me and cherise and our family. Today he went Home to be with Jesus. Jesus was the magnificent obsession of his life. To his dear wife Thetus , and his son Tommy and daughter Teri and many grandchildren our hearts and prayers are with you. He was a spiritual Giant to me and many others and and I will forever be grateful God put us together. Greatness is the only word I can think of to describe this man.

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Is Katy Perry Father a Preacher ? Yes he is Keith Hudson

Is Katy Perry Father a Preacher ? Yes he is Keith Hudson (VIDEO)

Katy Perry’s dad Keith Hudson — who is a preacher along with her mother, was confronted and chastised by an angry Christian woman named Christine Weick in Phoenix earlier this week.

In video footage that surfaced the net, Hudson was exiting a radio station when Weick approached him, saying that his daughter is a “satanic woman that has led millions to hell!”

She also said that Perry “walks with Satan” and she is taking her father “to hell right along with her!” Weick later revealed that her son is a fan of Katy’s music and she has disowned him for “walking away from the Lord.” Weick then referenced Katy’s video for her record, “E.T.” #NickOnTheRadio.


katy perry father a preacher

Video : ‘Gangsta’Rapper Snoop Dogg Debuts New Gospel with Rance Allen.

Snoop Dogg New Gospel with Rance Allen.

I warned you that this day would come. Gospel and secular, the sacred and profane’s full merge is here! And gospel artists wonder why no one is buying their music? It’s because they lost their identity trying to chase worldliness instead of chasing the heart of God! The gospel music industry is showing it’s horns!