Russia Cyber Warfare : Russia to remove itself from Internet

Russia has reportedly run tests to see if it can remove itself from the World Wide Web to stem the flow of information to and from foreign countries, according to a top industry official. Experts told the UK Daily Telegraph the tests were run to prepare for an information blackout in case of a potential […]

Eating human flesh : ISIS Feeds Mother Her Son’s Body

A Yazidi woman who serves in Iraq’s parliament is expressing her disappointment in the Obama administration over its lack of aid to refugees in the country, sharing a number of gruesome accounts of the suffering in the nation, including that ISIS allegedly fed a hungry mother her own son’s body. Vian Dakhil recently sat down with […]

Japanese Anti Aging Secrets : Why Do Japanese Women Live the Longest and Don’t Get Fat?

You have surely seen Japanese women on television and noticed how young and healthy they look, even when they are starting to get up there in years. Western women can do this too, but it requires a number of lifestyle changes that allow you to live more like Japanese and other Eastern women. These changes […]