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8°04’ N, 77°33’ E

At the southernmost tip of India’s mainland lies the town of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. It is the point of convergence of the three vast seas that flank India on the west, south and east: the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

Roughly half a kilometre into the sea from the tapering end of the mainland is a pair of rocks rising above the surface. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is built on the bigger of these rocks (the smaller one now carries the statue of Thiruvalluvar).


The Vivekananda Rock measures about 534’ x 426’ at the water level and has a spacious level top at an altitude of 55 feet.

The total area is about 4 acres (16,200 sq.m.).

It is separated from the Thiruvalluvar Rock by a distance of 220 feet and a cluster of stones protruding from the sea between them.